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Bear Hunting Outfitters


Corral Creek Ranch

Whitetail, Mule Deer, Turkey, Black Bear in central Idaho, Clearwater Drainage.


Elk City Adventures

Elk, Mule Deer, Black Bear, Cougar, Moose, Bobcat. Central Idaho (Areas 15, 16A, 19, 20).


Oswold Pack Camps

Elk, Black Bear, Mountain Lion. Northern Idaho, Lolo zone in Locsha and Selway-Biterroot Wilderness Area.


RC Outfitters

Elk, Mule Deer, Bear, Whitetail, Mountain Lion. In North eastern Idaho, Unit #10


Reggear Outfitters

Mountain Lion, Black Bear. In North Central Idaho.


Border Pond Guide Service

Whitetail Deer, Black Bear, Moose, Bobcat, Coyote, and Showshoe Hare Hunting in New Hampshire and Southern Maine.


Laney's Guide Service

Bobcat, Black Bear, Upland Game Birds, Whitetail Deer, Waterfowl, Sea Ducks, Fishing Available (Stripper, Atlantic Salmon). Statewide hunting in Maine


Meadow Mountain Guide Service

Black Bear and Whitetail Deer Hunting East of Bangor Maine.


Northern Hideaway Guide Service

Bear and Deer. Moose By Lottery Permit in Wildlife Management District 1. Northwestern Maine.


Sportsman's Pride Outfitters

Black Bear hunting, Moose hunting. on hundreds of Sq. miles of private farmland in northern Maine.


Adventures with Voyageur Ventures, Inc.

Black Bear, Caribou, Moose, Upland birds, Waterfowl and Whitetail. Many fishing options also available. Interlake Area and West Central, and Northern Manitoba.


Outdoor Connection

Trophy Whitetail hunting, Black Bear hunting, Moose hunting, Waterfowl. Manitoba, CA


Thunderbird Lodge

Moose, Bear, Elk, World Class Walleye & Northern Pike Fishing. North Eastern Manitoba.


Bitterroot Outfitters

Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail, Black Bear, Lion, Moose, Goat, Sheep. Bitterroot National Forest, Selway Bitterroot Wilderness.


Circle KBL Outfitters

Elk hunting, Deer hunting, Mtn Lion, Bear hunting. Bitterroot Mountains of Western Montana


Jim's Hunting Help

Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail, Antelope, Bear. Southwest and Eastern Montana.


Rebel Outfitting

Specialize in Mountain Lion, Spring/Fall Black Bear, Elk, Deer. Northwest Montana


Two Bear Outfitters

Elk hunting, Mountain Lion hunting, Black Bear hunting, Whitetail, Mule Deer. Bitterroot National Forest


White Mountain Outfitters

Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail, Black Bear, Mountain Lion in Western Montana

Table Mountain Outfitters

Table Mountain Outfitters and 1st Western Adventures would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in the many services available through us.


Kings Lodge

Black Bear, Whitetail Deer, Moose, Partridge, Duck. 1,000 acres of land bordering game reserve in News Brunswick.


Trophy Safaris International

Black Bear, Moose, Whitetail, Grouse, Coyote, Elk, Red Stagg, Fallow Deer, Bison in South Central New Brunswick


A & M Adventures

Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope, Black Bear, Turkey. Northeastern New Mexico (Unit 58).


Cougar Mountain Outfitters

Elk hunting, Antelope, Mtn Lion, Bear, Turkey, Bighorn Sheep, Exotics. Statewide


Down Home Outfitters

Elk hunting, Deer hunting, Antelope, Javelina, Turkey, Cougar and Bear. Southwest New Mexico's Gila National Forest.


Mark V Outfitters and Guide Service

Elk, Bear, Whitetail Deer, Lion, Mule Deer, Antelope, Desert Sheep. Carson & Santa Fe National Forests, Gila Wilderness Area


Grand Island Sportsman's Guide/Outfitter Service

Whitetail Deer, Turkey, Bear, Small Game, Fishing Available.† Southern New York


Green Acres Resort & Outfitters

Black Bear, Moose, White-tailed Deer Hunting, Trout, Pickerel, Perch, and Bass fishing. Central Ontario.


Lecuyer's Tru-Tail Lodge

Giant Canadian Whitetails, Moose, Black Bear, Ducks, Grouse. 80 miles north of Minnesota border, 65 miles east of Manitoba.


Nunavik Adventure

Caribou hunting, Black Bear, Ptarmigan, Trophy Arctic Char , Brooktrout, and Laketrout fishing also available. †Northern Quebec, Northern Ontario.


Jim's Hunting Help

Whitetail, Black Bear, Moose, Elk. Northwest, Southeast Saskatchewan.


Crescent B Outfitters

Elk hunting, Big Horn Sheep, Mule Deer, Bear, Moose, Mountain Goat, Antelope, Wilderness Pack-in Fishing trips. Teton Wilderness, Washakie Wilderness, Absaroka Wilderness. Our areas border Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.


Monster Critters Outfitting, LLC

Antelope, Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Bear, Mountain Lion, Varmints, Fishing. Wyomin


Action Adventures Guide Outfitter

Colorado Elk hunting. Wilderness pack-in and Private Ranch Hunts in Western Colorado.


Driftwood Valley Outfitters

Big game hunting for moose, mountain goats, grizzly, black bear, and wolf in beautiful northern British Columbia.

Allegheny Wilderness Outfitters

Affordable quality hunts in the Allegheny National Forest in NW Pennsylvania.


High Country Outfitters LLC

High Country Outfitters offers pack in hunts for Trophy mule deer, elk and we also hunt bear, and mountain lion in the Sawtooth Wilderness of Idaho


Eden Ridge Outfitter's

We specialize in Trophy Columbia Blacktail's (Archery,Rifle,Muzzleloader)and Roosevelt Elk (Rifle,Archery)


Big Game Guide Service and Taxidermy

Fully guided deer,elk,bear and Mt lion


Jim's Hunting Help

Elk, Mule Deer, Whitetail, Antelope, Bear hunting in Southwest and Eastern Montana.


Montana High Country

Specialize in Mountain Lion, Spring/Fall Black Bear, Elk, Deer hunting in Northwest Montana


Bearwallow Basin Outfitters

Elk, Mountain Lion, Black Bear, Mule Deer, Coues Deer, Turkey hunting in Southcentral New Mexico.


Gila & Apache Professional Big Game Outfitters

Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope, Black Bear, Mountain Lion, Javalina, Turkey hunting in Southwest New Mexico, Gila & Apache National Forest


Northern New Mexico Elk Hunts

Elk, Mule Deer, Bear hunting in North Central New Mexico


Ute Creek Outfitters

Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope, Turkey, Black Bear, Mountain Lion hunting in Northern New Mexico


Trophy Quest

Trophy Quest Outfitters, Inc. purchased it's own outfitting area in the province of Alberta. All of our hunts are conducted on 100% private lands to ensure trophy quality.†


Canadian Mountain Outfitters

We offer a true Wilderness hunting experience for Stone Sheep, Mountain Goat, Moose, Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, and Wolf.

H & H Hunt'n Outfitter Service

If you want to experience the hunt of a lifetime, give H & H Hunt'n a chance to make your dreams come true. At H & H Hunt'n, customer satisfaction is our #1 goal, and that's no BULL!


Magnum Guide Service, LLC

Magnum Guide Service has been publicized in various magazines such as SCI, Big Game Adventures,Field


12 Gauge Waterfowlers & Outfitters

Black Bear, Whitetail Deer, Ducks, Geese, Waterfowl, Upland Game with Archery, Rifle Bear Hunts, and Shotgun for Waterfowl.


AB Wilderness Adventures

Black Bear, Moose, Mule Deer hunting with the Bow and Rifle.


Alberta Adventure Outfitters Ltd.

We offer first class trophy hunts for Whitetail, Mule Deer, Elk, Black Bear and Wolf/Coyote.


Alberta Bush Adventures

We hunt the Northwestern corner of Alberta for moose.


Alberta Native Guide Services Ltd.

Hunting in the heart of Alberta Big Game country maximizes the success ratio of your hunt. Whether your prize be a Moose, Whitetail Deer or trophy Black Bear.


Maydel Outdoors

Maydel Outdoors is a licensed outfitter and member of the Saskatchewan Outfitters Association.


See Alaska

See Alaska with Jim H. Keeline, Inc., is located in the top portion of southeastern Alaska, in Game Management Units 5 and 6. We offer big game hunts for Coastal Brown Bear, Black Bear, Alaska-Yukon Moose, and Mountain Goat, as well as Wolf, Ducks, Geese, and fishing for several species.

The Hunting Company

Private Trophy Ranches totaling over 500,000 acres, quality outfitters, prime season dates the opportunity to harvest 350+ Bulls. If that is what your looking for then look no further.


Alpine Outfitting

We are a full time outfitting company that prides itself on repeat clients and good honest service. As professional outfitters, we want you to experience a relaxing, enjoyable hunt in areas with great game and good friends.


Anchor D High Mountain Hunts Ltd.

We offer excellent hunting opportunities in a very mountainous zone. Elk & mule deer hunts run from 10 days and are all horseback hunts in the high mountains in comfortable tent camps.


Bent Arrow Outfitters

We provide baited rifle and bow hunts for trophy black bear in the boreal forest. Our hunting area has produced numerous black bears larger than the Alberta average.


Canadian Hunting Company

We provide hunting trips for black bear, moose, wolf and buffalo. If you are planning to hunt Alberta, we can help you with a successful hunt at a reasonable cost.


Double Diamond Outfitters

We know what it takes to make your visit to Alberta an enjoyable and successful one. We specialize in creating personalized combination hunts in the Rocky Mountains, foothills and prairies of southern Alberta.


Extreme Wilderness Adventures

We offer rifle and archery hunts for whitetail deer, black bear, moose, mule deer, and wolf. We have over seventy-five allocations in beautiful, secluded hunting areas that offer great opportunities to take trophy animals.


Grizzly Trail Guiding & Outfitting

We have 30 years of experience and comfortable camps. We operate a fairly small outfitting business, we book up easily with many repeat customers.


Mckenzie Brothers Outfitting

Let us help you find the Trophy Whitetail Deer you've dreamed about. We hunt several top notch zones and keep our clients coming back year after year. Stay an extra week and hunt Mule Deer and Moose as well.


Northern Lights Outfitting

We specialize in moose and black bear hunts. We strive to provide quality trophies for our clients, and to give you the hunting experience of a lifetime.


Northern Wilderness Outfitters Ltd.

NORTHERN WILDERNESS OUTFITTERS has been operating an outfitting service, in Slave Lake, Alberta, for over 40 years and have clients who have been hunting with us for over 30 years. We specialize in providing first class hunting trips for Black Bear, Wolf, Moose and Deer, both Whitetail and Mule Deer.


River Valley Lodge

Whitetail/Mule Deer hunts are conducted using heated tree stands as well as the spot and stalk method. Our success rate is exceptional; 1999/2000 season was 90% on whitetail (largest 196 2/8) and 100% on mule deer (largest 194 BC) We conduct 8 whitetail and 2 mule deer hunts.


Smoky River Outfitting Ltd.

Our outfit is run by Greg and Tara Sutley in the Northwestern Region of Alberta. Our hunts are conducted by myself and very experienced local guides who by owning land and living in the area do year round scouting.


Trophy Book Outfitters

Trophy Book Outfitters offers hunting opportunities for Spring black bear north of Ft. McMurray, Alberta and archery Moose/Whitetail combo hunts northwest of Edmonton Alberta during the moose rut.


Venture North Outfitting

"Albertaís finest in adventure tourism", we at Venture North Outfitting (VNO) invite you to enjoy a hunt of a lifetime. Regardless of the species youíre after, come enjoy world-class hunting and hospitality as itís meant to be.


Wild Kakwa Outfitters

Wild Kakwa Outfitters offers first class hunts in the scenic wilderness of northwest Alberta. We will be hunting in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The area we hunt is over 3,000 square miles of wilderness and has high concentrations of moose, elk, deer and bear.


Wildhay Outfitters Inc.

Based in Beaumont, but conducting a variety of big game hunts accross the province.


Savage Encounters, Inc.

Located 200 km North West of Calgary, Alberta - Savage Encounters finds it's home nestled at the base of the eastern foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Hilly and swampy terrain with good cover of large pines and aspen guaranty that potential game reach maturity.


Peace Valley Outfitters

As an outfitter for over 25 years I make my living by catering to the big game hunter whether it is a Rifle , Bow or Mussle Loader Hunt we have a memorable trophy hunt for you that will last a lifetime.


Old Koots Huntn Camp

Hunting out of Edmonton for bear, moose and deer.


North Alta Ventures

North Alta Ventures is one of Alberta's Professional Outfitters offering hunters big game trophy opportunities in Canadian Moose Hunts, Black Bear Hunts, Timber Wolf Hunts, Whitetail and Mule Deer Hunts as well as Migratory and Upland Bird Hunts along with Northern Pike, Walleye and Lake Trout fishing adventures.


Mountain Spirit Outfitters

Mountain Spirit Outfitters are based in Hinton, Alberta, Canada. This part of Alberta is amongst the most beautiful places in the world. The Rocky mountains are a major feature in our hunting area.


Lone Pine Outfitting

Set along the Eastern Slopes and Foothills of Canada's Rocky Mountains,† within "throwing distance" of the Continental Divide.† Lone Pine Outfitting locates it's camps in what some have called "the most beautiful and abundant" hunting regions in North America.


Happy Hunters Guiding & Outfitting

Happy Hunters is a professional guiding and outfitting service specializing in Black Bear.†


Fredlund Guide Service

Hunts for Wolf, Deer, Elk, Bear and Moose are booking fast.† Don't miss out on this great adventure.


Don Ayers Outfitters

Come experience the northern boreal forest of Alberta, Canada. The variety and quality of big game is unparalleled in Canada and with Don Ayers Outfitters you can be sure that the best trophy Bear, Whitetail & Moose will be within your sights.


Daniel's Family Outfitting and Guide Service

Specializes in black bear and whitetail hunts. Includes pictures from past trips, overview of the company, rates, and hunt locations.


Classic Bow Hunts

Northern bow hunting expeditions for deer, moose, elk and bear.


Caribou River Hunting Co.

Far North full service bear and moose hunts.


Ambush Outfitters

Offering a variety of hunting experiences near Waterton National Park. Specializing in mule deer, but also includes hunts for sheep and elk. Site includes a photo gallery of harvested animals and scenic shots.


Access Alberta Outfitting & Guide Service

Alberta is blessed with exceptional big game hunting opportunities; and several mild winters in a row, have greatly improved the potential of your big game hunting guide finding the trophy moose, whitetail deer, mule deer or bear of your choice.


Ungava Adventures

UNGAVA ADVENTURES is an established, reputable and reliable operation with a proven track record.


LAK Hunting Adventures

Trophy Desert Mule deer hunting in the Trans Pecos region of West Texas.


LAK Hunting Adventures

World wide hunting consultant and booking agent.


ACE Wilderness Guiding - Manitoba Hunts

Modern 2400 sq ft. Large kitchen, dining room, common area, 5 bdrms and 2 baths. Experience the vast northern wilderness, view the northern lights, hunt, fish.. Rates by day, week or long term. Special rates for sport teams and work crews. Hunt, fish, snowmobile or ski.





Waba Outdoors

WabaOutdoors.com First-class trophy hunting & fishing in Alaska & Worldwide! Our site features contests, trade forum, calendar, recipes, hunting/fishing tips, trophy rooms, online chat, classifieds, & much more!


Cooper MooreOutfitting Services



MossBack Guides & Outfitters

MossBack spealizes in trophy hunts for people who draw that tag of a liftime. We also guide conservtion and governor tags which are a tax write off. With 15 years experience and many days of scouting MossBack will give you a hunt of a lifetime


Munson's Landing Lodge

Specializing in Spring Black Bear Hunts and Fall White-Tail Deer and Moose Hunting


Unlimited Trophy Outfitters

Hunting trophy whitetail deer and black bear in Northern Wisconsin. Fishing on Lake Superior-Chequamegon Bay for Small Mouth Bass and Walleye and inland waters for Musky.

Western Frontier Adventures

Quality trophy hunts for Mule Deer, Elk, Mtn. Lion, Black Bear, Antelope and more. We have one of the highest success rates for Fair Chase Hunting!

George Payne

Newfoundland hunting for moose, caribou and black bear.


Upriver Outfitters

Hunt, fish, trap, canoe or enjoy photography adventures in the wild heart of Kent, experience our traditional rural lifestyle, licensed guides.


K-n-S Guide Service

K-n-S Guide Service offers quality black bear and whitetail deer hunts at reasonable prices in Northern Minnesota. We also offer fall fishing on Lake of the Woods & Rainy River.


Reds Bear Hunting

Haliburton Highlands is Home to thousands of acres of private land and prime Bear country. My area borders the worlds famous Algonquin Provincial Park known for its fishing and hunting.


Cooper Moore Outfitting Services

All inclusive Guided hunts for antelope, deer elk, lion and bear.


Joshua Rhodes

Guided black bear hunts over active baits. Lodging on lake with all meals included.



Site devoted to a hunt!


Eric Roybal

Quality fully guided hunts and drop camps for bighorn sheep, mule deer, elk, black bear, cougar and spring turkey.

Outdoor Connection

Outdoor Connection is the Worldwide Hunting and Fishing Authority. Over 200 Lodges, Guides, and Outfitters.

LAK Hunting Adventures

LAK Hunting Adventures offers hunts world wide. Booking for the 2006 season. We can find you the best hunt to fit your needs.




Black Eagle Outfitters

Black Eagle Outfitters specializes in archery hunting big game in maine.


Shane Gulbrandsen

Speacializing in deer and bear hunts. Heated stands and baits running well in advance of the hunt. we hunt hard but have fun doing it


maxwell Miller

what will i get if i submit?


Grundmans Canvas

For all your Canvas needs. Full Quarter and Half Quarter Big game Bags. Wall tents, Duffle/Tote Bags


Cabin Creek Wilderness Journeys

Cabin Creek Wilderness Journeys is a dedicated, knowledgeable and reliable full service hunting consultant agency. We offer our free service to all hunters. www.CCWJhunts.com.


Korell Outfitters

Hunting the Sawtooth Wildernes at its finest. We provide drop camps and guided hunts for trophy Rocky Mountain Elk and Mule Deer. We have baited bear hunts, hound bear hunts, and cougar hunts. Visit our website for details.


Korell Outfitters

Hunting the Sawtooth Wildernes at its finest. We provide drop camps and guided hunts for trophy Rocky Mountain Elk and Mule Deer. We have baited bear hunts, hound bear hunts, and cougar hunts. Visit our website for details.


Boss Outfitting

Boss Outfitting is committed to offering the ultimate whitetail deer hunts, moose hunts, black bear hunts, wolf hunts, wild bison hunts, fishing trips and trap line tours in the remote northern boreal forests of Alberta.


Vaquero Outfitters

Hunting Arizona New Mexico and Sonoora Mexico Quality big game hunts. Arizona Private land hunts


Bruce Harris

am interested in best mule deer and coastal black bear possible. Have hunted both species successfully. Not interested in small. anywhere in NORTH AMERICA. Thanks

The Oxbow Lodge

Maine bear hunting, Maine moose hunting and Maine deer hunting offered at the Oxbow Lodge Maine


Canadian Mountain View Paradise Guides and Outfitters

MVP Outfitters offer a 7 day Free Ranging Plains Bison Hunt, these Bison are elegable for Pope & Young and Boone & crockett. If you want a very successful hunt with a great outfitter please give us a call 1-888-MVP-HUNT.


Gila and Apache Professinal Big Game Outfitters

Triple JS Hunting Adventures

We offer fully guided and trespass hunts for elk, deer, and bear in archery, muzzleloading, and all rifle seasons.


Steve Presnal

Tallgrass outfitting should not be on your short list for hire


Kiowa Hunting Services

Hunting in New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma for big game, predators, non game animals, and waterfowl.


Big Game Guide Service and Taxidermy

Fully Guided Hunts For all Big Game Animals And Also Taxidermy For north american and Exotics


Wayne Gatcombe

Guided Maine Black Bear Hunts.

Great Plains Outfitters Dirk Jenkins #BG143

A full-time Big Game outfitter for elk,deer,bear,lion,antelope and sheep.Lodgestyle accomidations.


Wade Lemon Hunting

We are conducting and arranging hunts for: Black Bear, Mountain Lion, Bobcat, Mule Deer, Elk, Coues Deer, Antelope, Mountain Goat, Desert and Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. www.wadelemonhunting.com


Larry Delorme, Guiding & Outfitting

Alberta foothills and Willmore Wilderness, Larry Delorme Big Game guide and outfitter.


Garrison Ranch Outfitters


McConnell & Company Guiding Services

We Specialise in Spring Bear Hunts, Fall moose/Bear Combos and Trophy Mountain Goat Hunting. Located in North-western BC, in the Coastal Mountain ranges offering a small personalized service.


Caribou Lodge Outfitters


Trail Creek Lodge

We cunduct hunts in southwestern and central montana.Offering quality hunts on natinal forest and private land ranches.Will customize any of our hunts to your needs.



deer hunting. upland birds over trianed springers


Northway Outfitters

Northway Outfitters was established in 1983 and is honored to have hosted the first ever Benoit Bros. annual White-tail hunting School.


Richard Fessenden, Licensed Arizona Guides and Outfitter

Top quality big game hunts in Arizona. Archery, Rifle and Muzzleloader


Camp David Outfitting




We offer Some of the finest hunts available with a Focus on World Class Whitetail deer.


OutfitterPros.com matches hunters with pre-screened, professional outfitters for big game, waterfowl, upland, and small game hunting adventures.


Adventures Wild

Colorado Mule Deer, Whitetail and Antelope! Nebraska Whitetail and Turkey! Iowa Whitetail and Turkey!


Adventures Wild

Colorado Mule Deer, Whitetail and Antelope! Nebraska Whitetail and Turkey! Iowa Whitetail and Turkey!


Adventures Wild

Colorado Mule Deer, Whitetail and Antelope! Nebraska Whitetail and Turkey! Iowa Whitetail and Turkey!


Wild Spirit Guide Service

Provide black bear hunts in upper michigans Carney, Amasa, Bergland, and Baragas management units.Also winter bobcat hunts with hounds.Russian boar hunts year round.


Jody Smith Guide Service

Guided Hunting and Fishing trips in Southwest Oregon. Elk,Deer,Bear,Waterfowl and Turkey. Fishing for Salmon,Steelhead,Smallmouth and Sturgeon. Over 15yrs experience.


Borderland Adventures

Mexico Muleys! Desert sheep, Arizona Desert Muleys, Coues Deer, doves, quail, predators. You name it we hunt it! High success, top quality hunts!

East-Man Outfitting

Whitetail Deer hunting in Manitoba's bow-only zone.We offer 6-day all-inclusive hunts for deer,black bear and waterfowl.


Diablo Canyon Outfitters, LLC.

The hunts for Desert Bighorn in Arizona are strenuous to say the least, plan on being in top physical condition. Working out just a couple months prior to the hunt will not cut it.


Randy Thompson Enterprises

Guided hunts , with my hounds, for Bear and Bob cat. Wild boar hunts on public lands with out hounds.You supply, license, tags,hunting and camping gear,and your food.


World Class Outfitting Adventures, inc

We have exclusive guiding rights to 300 square miles of Idaho's Bitterroot Federal Wilderness. We offer pack-in hunts for elk, whitetail and mule deer, black bear, lion, moose, and goats


J and T Hunts Guide Service

Guide Service in the Upper Peninsula of MI, for bear,turkey,waterfowl, and fly fishing.


Wedge Hills lodge

ADVENTURES AND EMOTIONS OUTFITTER :: Caribou & bear hunting | Salmon, trout and artic char fishing | Boat & snowmobile excursions. North of Canada. Success rates near 100%.


Steeprock River Outfitters

Tanlgewood Guides

Join the boys with Tanglewood Guides to bag your dream game. Mule Deer, White Tail, Bear, Turkey, and even Coyote hunts are available!

Steeprock River Outfitters

Experience hunting trophy Manitoba Black Bear & Whitetail Deer in 2500sq miles of straight Canadian wilderness!


mike scheelk



i'm a good hunter

budges flattops wilderness lodge


Flying J Outfitters Inc.


Great Private Land for our members.


Colorao Mountain Adventures

We specilize in trophy Mule deer and elk. We hunt in units 41, 411, and various units on the eastern plains. Also unit 410 in Montana.


Northern Outdoor Lodge Ltd.

Professional Big Game & Waterfowl Outfitter located in Southern New Brunswick


Superior Guides & Outfitters

Trophy Whitetail, Black Bear, Giant Wisconsin Muskys




Compass West Outfitters

Trophy mule deer and elk in New Mexico

High Top Outfitters

High Top Outfitters guides Utah deer, elk, antelope, bison, cougar and bear. Located in Central Utah our clients enjoy local lodging and accomodations while hunting with us.


William T. Long

We have a proven rate of success on Black Bear, Whitetail and Turkey since the beginning of our hunting program due to the excellence in service and management of our resources. 540-743-7311 1-866-422-6637

Peak View Outfitters

We offer a variety of big game hunts as well as fishing and predator hunts in Northwest Colorado and Southern Wyoming. All hunts are conducted on private ranches in both states. We are located at the foot hills of the Medicine Bow National Forest and along the Little Snake River Valley.


Great Plains Outfitters

Great Plains Outfitters is a full time hunting outfitter,with over 20 years expirence we know how to make your hunt the hunt of a lifetime.


Great Plains Outfitters

Great Plains Outfitters is a full time hunting outfitter,with over 20 years expirence we know how to make your hunt the hunt of a lifetime.


Express UU Bar ranch

World class lodge, fine dining, wonderful trophies


Tatlow Mountain Outfitters

Tatlow Mountain Outfitters is located in the Chilcotin region of British Columbia, an area that is orld famous for it's incredible mule deer hunting. Book now for your Trophy mule deer hunt of a lifetime!


C & S Guide Service

Cameron Guide Service is a family oriented business featuring Bear hound hunts, bait hunts,Guided hunts, lodging available. You can hunt with rifle, bow or muzzle loader, it's your choice.


Wyoming Country Outfitters, Inc.

Wyoming Country Outfitters has provided quality Big-Game Fair Chase hunts for four generations. We specialize in trophy elk and antelope with a high success rate. BG #341


Three Rivers Adventures

Word class archery and rifle hunts for Trophy Mule deer and Whitetail, Specializing in high success bow hunts. Also hunting Waterfowl and predators.


Non-Typical Outfitters

Non-Typical Outfitters operates in the western mountains of Wyoming offering an unmatched opportunity at trophy Mule Deer, Big Horn Sheep, Elk, Spring Bear and Mountain Lion.



Kansas Waterfowl www.doyleoutfitters.com



Your only outfitter for big game in San Juan county.


Lone Tree Outfitters, LLC

We specialize in Elk, Mule Deer, Bear, Pronghorn, Cow Elk and Mountain Lion Hunts. We are licensed in Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada.


Field and Stream Taxidermy

I have been doing taxidermy since 1990


Jake Bess

Timber Mountain Outfitters will take you on a hunt of a lifetime. The game is plentiful here in southern ut and it is are pastion to give are clients a great hunt.


Timber Mountain Outfitters

Please visit are web page for all are information www.timbermtnoutfitters.com we offer hunts of a liftime with 2 guides to 1 hunter for the same price as most charge for 1 guide to 1 hunter we specialize in Moutain Lion, but offer alot of other great hunts.


Dave Cole

Trophy Safaris New Brunswick-2003 world record bear-exclusive lodge with small groups,dozens of record book bears taken-1000 tons of bait per year-booking 2010 now.check us out.


Double Y Outfitters BG #173

Western Wyoming's Premier Big Game & Trophy Hunting Outfitter for Elk, Deer, and Antelope Hunts.


Double Y Outfitters

Western Wyoming's Premier Big Game & Trophy Hunting Outfitter for Elk, Deer, and Antelope Hunts. www.doubleyoutfitters.com


Serpentine valley outfitters

located in western newfoundland in moose management area 6


Gregg Williams

Torch River Outfitters provided the best Black Bear hunt I have been on.

Outdoor Channel Outfitters

Certified, Premier Outfitting destinations around the globe.


western outdoor adventures

western outdoor adventures is comitted to our clients success wether it be big gamehunts or upland game bird hunts hunters can stay at the lodge and hunt mule deer in the morning and pheasant or chucker in the afternoon or fish for trout and bass in the three ponds.


Western Outdoor Adventures

Western Outdoor Adventures is commited to your hunt. You can hunt Mule deer in the morning and hunt Upland Gamebirds in the afternoon! Fish for trout or Bass in our three ponds.


Southern Oregon Outfitters

We have it all.


Jonahs Alaskan Outfitters

I am currently looking for hunters to apply for a couple drawing dall sheep hunts in alaska. The application period is open throught the end of December. I Also have a couple bear hunts availible for the spring of 2009. I am a small outfitter only taking a few hunters a year.


Bar X Bar Ranch

Trophy Guide Service, Bear and Lion hunting with hounds, Private land Elk hunts, Merriam's Turkey Hunts


Shadow Creek Outfitters


Shadow Creek Outfitters


Kenyon Creek Guide Service

Hunting and Fishing Guide Service


Sampson Creek Outfitters


Backcountry Scouting

We Scout For You. Backcountry Scouting is a full service scouting provider. Guiding, Packing and other services also available. Check us out online at www.backcountryscouting.com.


Timber Creek Hunting Service

We are Maryland's "Premier" Black Bear Guide Service. We know how the bear react to pressure and scouting is what we do best...


Upfront Outfitters

Upfront Outfitters offers high success public land fair chase hunts for deer, elk, bear, sheep and moose. Washington and New Mexico. Archery, Rifle, Muzzleloader

Discounted Hunts

We provide hunters on a working man's budget affordable hunts in 34 states and Canada.


Berry Creek Guide Service

We specialize in Bear and Bobcat hunts with hounds. We bear hunt in Amasa and Newberry hunt units. for more information go to www.berrycreekguides.com


Mico Outdoor Adventures Ltd.

Your Outdoor Connection

Welcome to Your Outdoor Connection. We work with top notch outfitters to bring you top quality hunts and outdoor adventures at very affordable prices.


Bear Basin Outfitters

Hunt the amazing Western Wyoming Wilderness for trophy Mule Deer, Elk, Moose, Black Bear and Antelope hunts!!


Mapleridge Outfitter

fair chase 8000 acres of private land , family owned. Lodge accommodates up to 20 people, prices include meals & lodging.


Hunting Top 10 Network

Professional Hunting Guides and Outfitters, come find the hunt of a lifetime. Very high success rates for 12 years come see for yourself.


Elk Creek Outfitting LLC


Allagash Guide Service

Quality guided hunts in northwestern Maine, bear, deer, moose and grouse. Quality lodging, guides and meals.


A Lazy H Outfitters

Elk and mule deer hunting in Montana's Bob Marshall Wilderness. Early bugle and late seasons.


SNS Outfitter & Guides

Offering the largest selection of mule deer hunts in the west. We have a hunt for any physical ability or price range.Wyoming Outfitter License #001. Montana Outfitter License #7214.


Willow Creek Outfitters

Offering quality fair chase hunts for trophy mule deer, whitetail deer, black bear, as well as waterfowl and winter coyote hunts in the foothills of southwestern Alberta!



Urge2Hunt is one of the leading providers of hunts with avaiable tags for mule deer, elk, antelope, whitetail, moose and more.


MuleyMadness Guides and Outfitters hunts Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming for Mule Deer other Big Game species.


Cory Curtis

Guided hunts for Moose,Turkey, Deer, and Bear! Also ice fishing adventures for just about any species!


Conne River Outfitting

Conne River Outfitting - Moose, black bear and woodland caribou


OutWest Guides

Trophy Mule Deer, Elk, Spot & Stalk Black bear hunts. Ptarmigan & Blue Grouse hunts. Guided Fly Fishing Trips, Pack trips and Trail rides


OutWest Guides

Trophy Mule Deer, Elk, Spot & Stalk Back bear, & Predator Hunts. Ptarmigan & blue grouse hunts. Guided Fly Fishing trips, Pack Trips, & Trail Rides








North Wind Guide Service

Located in Woolwich, Maine.


Professional Big Game Scouting Service


Happy Hunters

Providing Alberta Black bear hunts since 1992, at Happy Hunter Professional Guides and Outfitters, bear hunting is are specialty and hunting is our passion.


JML Outfitters

Elk and Mule Deer Hunting in the White River National Forest Flat Tops Wilderness home of the Largest Elk Herd in North America


Discounted Hunts LLC

We provide hunter with big game hunting opportunities at 20-40% below hunt value so then can make thir buck go farther and hunt multiple states every year.

Discounted Hunts LLC

We provide hunter with big game hunting opportunities at 20-40% below hunt value so then can make thir buck go farther and hunt multiple states every year.


Absaroka-Beartooth Outfitters

Absaroka-Beartooth Outfitters is headquartered in Big Timber, Montana. We operate three permitted wilderness camps: Hellroaring, Independence, and Bassett Creek. In addition, we offer private land hunts on several Montana ranches.


Wild Mountain Oufitters

Blue Dark Outfitters

If you are looking for the best guided whitetail deer and turkey hunting in North Carolina (with lodging and meals), you have come to the right place!


Blue Dark Outfitters

If you are looking for the best guided whitetail deer and turkey hunting in North Carolina (with lodging and meals), you have come to the right place!


USA Trophy Hunts

USA Trophy Hunts is a leading hunting outfitter directory on the internet. Our website allows you to browse outfitters, hunting lodges, and hunting trips by location, species, and budget.


USA Trophy Hunts

USA Trophy Hunts is a leading hunting outfitter directory on the internet. Our website allows you to browse outfitters, hunting lodges, and hunting trips by location, species, and budget.


Daniel Family Guide and Outfitting

We are a family run operation specializing in black bear and whitetail deer. We are located along the Alberta/Saskatchewan border near the Battle River.


George McQuiston

Wilderness hunts in Central Idaho


Mill Lake Outfitters

guided hunting, angling and backcountry canoeing in Nova Scotia. Specializing in Black Bear


Elk Springs Outfitters

Fully Guided, archery and rifle, elk, deer, bear, cougar, and wolf


UP bearhunter

Black bear hunts in Michigans western upper peninsula Bergland area, over bait. 10 miles south of Lake Gogebic. 17 years of taking black bears.


Michael Marbach



Waterfowl Haven Outfitters

Join us for the best outfitter experience in Colorado.


Bitterroot Outfitters



Shane Scott

Shane Scott Outfitting is determined to provide our clients with world class trophy hunts.


North Country Outfitters

All inclusive Black Bear hunts in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin.


Kevin Carroll

We offer deer, bear, hog, and turkey hunting! We also offer trout fishing!


Country Boy Outdoors Guide Service

We offer deer, bear, hog, and turkey hunts!! We also offer trout fishing trips!!


GT Outfitters

GT Outfitters, specializing in Eastern Utah. Elk, Deer, Bear, Lion, Sheep, Antelope, Bison.


GT Outfitters

GT Outfitters, specializing in Eastern Utah. Elk, Deer, Bear, Lion, Sheep, Antelope, Bison.


GT Outfitters

GT Outfitters, specializing in Eastern Utah. Elk, Deer, Bear, Lion, Sheep, Antelope, Bison.


Shawn Walker

Hunt Florida's Wildlife with us at Salt River Outfitters. If it walks, swims, or flys, we have the availability to make your dreams come true.


Accurate Outfitters

Wilderness Pack-In hunts for elk, deer, and spring bear. Winter range hunts for elk, deer, bear, moose, sheep, goat, and mountain lion on the Bitterroot National Forest.


big game back country guides

The most unprofessional outfitter I have ever seen.

Greg Merriam Discounted Hunts and Vouchers LLC

We are a free service providing Discounted Hunting adventures and vouchers affordable to the working man. We have hunts in 28 states and Canada for all 40 of the game animals.


Sawtooth Wilderness Outfitters

Idaho hunting outfitters and guides for Elk, Mule Deer, Mountain Lion, Wolf, and Black Bear.


Gunson Guiding & Outfitting

Remote wilderness hunts for BIG moose.


Dustin Jones

We offer Trophy bull elk, Bear and Turkey hunts. Most affordable ELK guide in KY. One guide to one hunter. 99% SUCCES-CALL ME! WE BOOK FAST! 276-0470 Dustin


neil johnson


north star outfitting

Bear Hunting Outfitters
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